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Little Red Reverberations is a personal somatic development consultation service as well as physical retreat center.


This work is a playful and practical invitation to step into fully embodied awareness. Embodiment is the recognition that in this life we are always fully at one with our physical manifestation, our bodies. When we are living with embodied awareness we have more internal authority, boundaries, self trust, inner courage and deeper synthesis of personal integrity & meaning.

This work is practical in its nature. It is a capacity building practice for developing  intuition, instinct, boundaries, and inner authority. 

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Amy E. Sousa
MA Depth Psychology

Amy hold degrees from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, and the Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has 20 years theater education experience, with 15 years in the teaching in NYC public schools teaching peer mediation, conflict resolution, anger management, self esteem building, and literacy using theater engagement. She also served as the Education Director at small regional theater in WA state. 

Amy's graduate and post graduate doctoral work focused on the creative imagination and ecopsychology as a basis for building embodied awareness. She is currently a women's rights activist, educator, & facilitator whose work focuses on embodiment, boundaries, intuition, instincts, & sense perceptions as an internal authority building practice.

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