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little red reverberations

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The Story

"little red reverberations" a new Known Heretic endeavor and adventure. It is my offering to aspiring leaders and all women who wish to tap into their inner resources and ignite within themselves the courage to do the work in the world they feel called to do.

This work is a sounding call to all women who wish to revive and enliven their own embodied awareness. The workshops, courses, and one-on-one work I am offering is for any woman who has longed to deepen her connection to her inner voice, her intuition, instincts, and sense perceptions, for any woman who has wished to stake out for herself a stronger sense of boundaries, to build within herself a strong internal validation, emotional resilience, and internal integrity. If the inner fire of courage has dimmed in your life or gone out entirely, know that it can be reignited and stoked with practical skill building activities, encouragement, and  reinforcement.

The name "little red reverberations" is inspired by the famous cautionary fairytale Little Red Riding Hood whose authentic version carries underlying message of learning to trust one's instincts and sense perceptions above what the charming stranger tells you about himself in order to wield for oneself the axe of courage. The name also references the fact that although the inner work we do is "little" intimate, one-on-one, or in small groups, yet this work resounds like a sharp bugle call in its reverberations. When we spark, stoke, and fan our inner fires by doing the work of listening inward, learning to trust ourselves, our bodies and our voices, it creates emotional resilience and internal authority, it fortifies us with courage which has the creative power to manifest change in the world. 

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