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Amy E. Sousa
MA Depth Psychology

I have been an activist & educator for the safeguarding of women and children for the last 5 years. I have grown a considerable following as @KnownHeretic on twitter and youtube where I critique the harms of the gender industry and speak about the need for single sex provisions and child protections. 

My activism has included organizing multiple protests: Against Biden's EO in Washington DC, against the UN in New York City, against swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA championships in Atlanta, against child gender clinics in Seattle, free speech events, speaking at state legislature in defense of women/girl's sports and in defense of single sex prisons for women, as well as speaking at school board meetings to protect kids from indoctrination by sex denying curriculum. 

Through my years of critical analysis & activism I have identified the underlying values of the concept of "gender identity" to be those of sex-denialism (body denialism) which engender dissociation, cognitive dissonance, dismemberment, body commodification, objectification, compartmentalization, and external validation. These values set up a person's psychological health to be very unstable, insecure, and in a constant state of anxiety. 

My educational and vocational background is in theater and psychology. My doctoral work delved into creative arts as embodied practices and ones that are capable of building a sense of inner authority. My work experience has been as a theater educator and education director using theater as a way to help students express their own values in their own voices.

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