"With Wild Woman as ally, as leader, model, teacher, we see, not through two eyes, but through the eyes of the intuition which is many-eyed. When we assert intuition, we are therefore like the starry night: we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes."

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD

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Single Class Ticket Women Who Run With The Wolves
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Women Who Run With the Wolves
Lecture Series & Discussion Group

Women Who Run With the Wolves is a favorite book of mine (and many women). It illuminates many of the values that I hold dear. It is a book about embodied wisdom for women which speaks to the primordial feminine instinct which is a vitalizing force in all women.

The book is filled with myths & stories that each speak to an essential developmental element of female psychology seen through the lens of the Wild Woman archetype. The lessons found within each narrative give key insights into how women can develop a healthy and fertile relationship with her own instinctual visionary attributes. 


This course is part lecture/chapter analysis along with group discussion. Coming together in community to grapple with and tease out the material is one of the strongest ways to be able to integrate the developmental lessons into our own lives. Women will have opportunities to share their personal stories as it relates to the material.

Because each chapter works as a stand alone story, it is not necessary to attend all 14 weeks. Classes will be available for purchase as singular units, and a discount will be offered to those who choose to sign up for all 14 weeks.

I welcome and encourage all who are interested to attend the FREE introductory class to have a deeper idea of how the course will unfold.

  • Single Class Ticket Women Who Run With The Wolves
    Time is TBD
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    Single Class Ticket Available each week